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Today is
>> Grass trimmer
>> Lawn mower
>> Shredder
>> Spare parts
>> Forest ATV fire car
>> Lithium electrostatic sprayer

Company Address: No.555,Guangrui Road,Wuxi,Jiangsu, China
Phone: +86-510-82356922
Fax: +86-510-82357933
Contact Person: Kevin.S (Manager)

eMail: sales2@sugworld.com
URL: www.sugland.com

4in1 multi tools This mlti tools including nylon cutter, chain saw, trimmer, metal blade cutter, you can choose any attachment according to your requirements.
CG260 Brush cutter, grass trimmer, you can choose nylon line cutter, metal blade cutter
CG430 Brush cutter, grass trimmer, petrol/gasoline power clipper
CG520 Big power brush cutter
backpack430 backpack/knapsack brush cutter
Original Honda GX35 brush cutter 4 stroke engine
electric 4in1 multi tools, this is electric power garden tools
electric grass trimmer
SEB120 electric brush cutter/ grass trimmer
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