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Induction electrostatic sprayer/mist duster
Product Name :Inductive ElectrostaticSprayer 8 Liters
Tank Capacity:15L 4Gal.US
Net Weight:8 Kgs
Machine Size:370*240*545 MM
Working pressure:0.2-0.5 Mpa 
Adsorption proportion top face to backside
abt 100 : 95
Median diameter of droplets:≤50 μm

Spraying flow:0.8 l/mim

Type:    induction electro static
Net weightkg:  0.86
L*W*Hmm:    190×61×960
Max Working pressureMPa:  2
Nozzle :  Fan style nozzle
FlowL/min:  0.80.3Mpa wish 2nozzle
Battery:  4 pcs 5 1.5V dry bettery
Lasting working time (h):    16

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